“Belt and Road” China-Africa Hair Products Summit Forum

Guest speakers: Zhang Jie, Zheng Youquan, Counselor of Ghana, Ethiopia, Morocco and other places in China to participate in the lecture

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China International Scalp Health Management Forum 2019

Guest speakers: Wu Wenyu, Japanese Aderans, head of French hairfax, South Korea Getz Tim and Taiwanese guests

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Yangcheng Artisan Cup

14th Guangzhou (International) Fashion Hair Makeup Image Design Competition and Guangzhou Meiye Employee Skills Competition

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Pivotpoint Cup Young Stylist Chasing Dreams Competition & OMC Worldcup Competitor Selection

OMC Event: The competition set up 6 events identical to the World Cup, namely, women’s salon commercial trim, bridal hair, electric hair long hair style, curling bar, men’s seamless hair […]

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China’s First Wig Trimming Contest 2019

Men’s hair piece mixed style; women’s wig trim

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Youth group fashion dyeing design group, fashion evening dress design group, professional elite group urban fashion design group, entrepreneurial design group, professional men’s group men’s fashion design team, men’s grooming […]

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Rebecca X The 5th China International Hair Extension Contest

Contest theme: YOU CAN SHINE Professional and elite groups (nano, patch): 100; 6D technology high-end hair extension: 50 (to be determined)

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The 11th China International Hair Fair Opening Ceremony

Lion Dance Opening + Guest Group Ribbon Cutting

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This years China International Hair Fair took place last August in Shanghai.

As soon as we have a new date set for China International Hair Fair 2018 we will let you know!
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