How to Stop Drinking Out of Boredom

Sitting in traffic, for instance, is one of those things that most people would rather forego. Other tasks like laundry and cleaning the house can cause boredom and be a source of anxiety.

Take away the pleasures of drinking for the boredom of sobriety? It’s good to get out of your head every now and again; to not be… yourself, all the time. A little way to cope with the daily drudgery of everyday; an addition to mundane nature of reality, not an addiction. And I need some self moderation, some feeling regulation. Some extra to the ordinary… and why the hell not? It’s not worth it if you can’t enjoy the moment. And you can’t enjoy the moment, fully, especially, without… alcohol.

What Amazing Things Happen When You Quit Drinking And Get Sober

If they get bored of being bored, drugs or alcohol are an easy place to go for relief. They need to snap themselves out of boredom, and this takes effort and commitment. LaLiberte B.V., Grekin E.R. Direct and indirect relationships between Factor 2 psychopathy, behavioral activation, positive alcohol expectancies, and alcohol use. This https://ecosoberhouse.com/ study had some limitations which need to be taken into account. First, given the cross-sectional survey design, causality and mediation can only be inferred. That is, although the results suggest statistical mediation, this should be more properly tested in a longitudinal model to capture the temporal requirements of mediation.

“For us to find out if alcoholic abuse is more or less prevalent during the pandemic would require a similar population study,” he said. We Care’s Ms Tham said that the trend of pandemic drinking arises due to the impact of the unprecedented crisis on people’s mental health.

How to Overcome Boredom in Addiction Recovery

Your drinking may be related to one or more health problems. That’s exactly how I felt every single day and exactly how I loved my life. It’s like I wanted everything and nothing at all. It’s these infrequent breaks that allow me to successfully navigate and manage my life and all of the joys and responsibilities. Whatever you do, please don’t reply with the suggestion to seek counseling. That is such a cop-out by people who think they’re helping and just can’t admit that they don’t have an answer b/c there isn’t one. All therapy does is enrich people who can’t help.

Therefore, routine and concrete scheduling can be a lifesaver for the alcoholic/addict. A schedule, coupled with passion for a new hobby or sporting activity, allows the alcoholic/addict to successfully and happily break the cycle of boredom. Though you don’t want to have to cajole them out of boredom and then babysit your efforts, you can entertain some options toward a common hobby or event.

How You Change

Free time leads to boredom and boredom can lead you back to drinking or drug use. Boredom is an enemy in sobriety but there are several ways you can fill your time with healthy, productive activities.

  • Viktor Frankel, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning wrote that boredom is the inevitable response to a life that lacks meaning.
  • It’s therefore no surprise that during the pandemic, the rate of alcohol consumption increased among people that reported COVID-19 related stress.
  • Addictions use up a lot of time so once people enter recovery they find that they have a lot of spare time on their hands.
  • The patient begins cognitive-behavioral treatment with an individual therapist as well as in groups with a counselor to address the whole host of issues afflicting the patient, including anxiety disorders.

Many people who have been treated for addiction and are in recovery have conflicted feelings about being sober. They may fear that a life of abstinence is boring and that all the joy, fun, and camaraderie of their past addicted life has been lost. When they reflect on their past, they evoke idealized visions of drug-fueled fun, carefree living, partying, war stories about their drug use, and wild times. They tend to idealize their past, fantasize about the euphoria and serenity bought with drugs and alcohol, and ignore the terrible effects of their addiction. People feel that they have nothing better to do so they turn to alcohol or drugs for entertainment.

Replace Bad Habits with Good Ones

When someone is new to addiction recovery, they are continually being presented with the people, places and things related to past use. These triggers can create cravings for alcohol and other drugs, which may lead to relapse and continued addiction. You know the more I found things to do that made me feel like I had some kind of purpose, the less bored I became. I also have a two year old so boredom is a luxury I haven’t had in a while lol. I found a lot of times I used drinking to just opt out of thinking altogether.

drinking alcohol because of boredom

Fill your idle time with hobbies and activities to keep your brain from drifting to dark places. Aside from the time, and often memories, you lose when you are drunk, sobriety helps you regain all the time you often waste nursing a hangover. Severe hangovers can leave you nearly useless for up to two days at a time, and create anxiety and depression that lingers long after the alcohol has left your system.

While alcohol abuse is common, it doesn’t mean you have to face it alone. Downplaying the seriousness of alcohol misuse and addiction can have impactful ramifications. In fact, alcohol is connected to over 60 different cancers and diseases. Even when consumed in smaller quantities, alcohol can have short- and long-term effects. Seeking treatment is never an easy step to take. The decision is often met with doubt, questioning if sobriety is attainable.

  • Whether it’s your partner, friends or colleagues, ask those who know you for ideas of things you can experiment with to fill your time differently.
  • Stupid people don’t need much to keep them entertained.
  • I kept a notebook and pen beside my bed in case I woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant song lyric or poem.
  • I don’t do clubs anymore, but dinner parties with good food and wine—only good wine—they’re the best.
  • If you’ve created an entire social life around drinking, it is natural to be afraid of life without it.
  • But I didn’t know what to do with them besides feel them.

If you always have a bottle open when watching TV, then it quickly becomes a very hard habit to break. This is particularly true if you’ve had a hard day at work or with the kids, and you are drinking because of boredom tired or stressed out. Soon it can seem weird NOT to have a glass in your hand, even if the rest of you is thinking about something else . Predictable plans lead to predictable behavior.

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