The Fundamental Accounting Equation

ContentDouble entry bookkeeping systemPay RentWhy is the accounting equation important?Why Is the Accounting Equation Important?Accounting Equation: Assets = Liabilities + EquityPurchasing Equipment Using Cash and Credit During the month of […]

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The Times Interest Earned Ratio and What It Measures

ContentCalculation of Times Interest Earned RatioOverview: What is the times interest earned ratio?Why Use Both Ratios?Importance of Times Interest Earned Ratio Higher TIE Ratio → The company likely has plenty […]

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Capital Lease vs Operating Lease Difference and Comparison

ContentFinance Lease and Operating Lease Accounting Under IFRSAre Working Capital Loans a Good Idea?Finance Lease vs. Capital Lease vs. Operating LeaseBenefits of an Operating LeaseDifference Between Capital and Operating LeaseAccounting […]

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Bill of Materials BOM: What Is BOM and How to Make a BOM

ContentWhat Is a Bill of Materials (BOM)?View availability of BOM componentsTaking Your Fair Slice of the Food Production PieProductionWhat’s needed to create an effective BOM?DEAR Support An equipment bill of […]

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Where can I find examples of nonprofit budgets? Knowledge base

ContentChart of Accounts for Nonprofits: Guide to Proper SetupFind a nonprofit-friendly bookkeeping solutionBookkeeping for nonprofitsHow does a nonprofit organization report expenses by both functional and natural classifications? Most people working […]

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Affordable Care Act: Good Data Practices Yield Better Compliance

ContentWhat is ACA compliance?ADP Health Compliance FeaturesAffordable Care Act (ACA) Penalty Estimator l ADPCorporate Compliance InsightsAdp Affordable Care Act 112812 FinalStep 1: Calculate Full-time and FTE Employees ADP recently introduced […]

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This years China International Hair Fair took place last August in Shanghai.

As soon as we have a new date set for China International Hair Fair 2018 we will let you know!
You can pre-register on this website so you will not miss any information.

In the meanwhile, look around to see what you can expect or follow us on www.facebook.com/internationalhairfair