4 Ways I Stay Sober Without AA

Food, sex, cigarettes, gambling, and AA meetings are the most common habits I’ve seen as replacements for problematic drinking. To be sober and happy, you can focus on your mental health, physical wellness, life goals, attend support groups, and find ways to help others. While addicted to alcohol or drugs, you might have only thought about the next time you would get drunk or high.

Recover from addiction at home with medication and online therapy––from the leader in virtual addiction care. •Smart Recovery is a self-empowering how to stay sober without aa addiction recovery support group. Write your blog posts, eat your cake, and put yourself on the pedestal for a while.

Benefits of Relapse Prevention Programs

Your journey toward sobriety can begin the moment you enter the contemplation stage and then move toward the preparation stage, making plans to stop drinking and attend treatment. Once you quit drinking and become sober, sobriety will become a lifelong choice that requires ongoing treatment. The first 30 days of sobriety might be the hardest. Depending on how you decide to stop using alcohol, you may be going throughdetox, attendingaddiction treatment, or participating in AA or NA meetings.

  • However each step away from the fellowship had to be taken very gently and with great care.
  • Naltrexone in particular is prescribed to help people achieve moderation, or control their consumption on social occasions.
  • That was my journey towards complete abstinence.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with this, either.
  • If you could stay sober on your own, you would have.

While I’ve never been a 12-stepper, that doesn’t mean I got sober for fun. While we encourage you to pursue 12-Step meetings as a way to enhance your sobriety after treatment, we recognize that you do not have to be in A.A. You have other options available to you if you decide that Alcoholics Anonymous is not your vehicle of choice for traveling your recovery journey. Our specialists are skilled in helping people recover from alcohol use disorder over the long term through intensive outpatient programs and outpatient programs.

How to Stay Sober

Try setting non-drinking days, keeping a diary of how much you consume, or even getting your own digital breathalyzer to help you track how much you’ve been drinking. There are significant offerings for events and places to experience that will continue to show you how to enjoy your new sober lifestyle and nourish your soul. Some days were tough and I would need to take it one hour or even one minute at a time. “I’m not going to drink for the next one minute.” That seemed to break it down into a size I could handle. First and foremost, I wanted to say congratulations on your sobriety and thank you for sharing as this can bring hope and light to those reading this post. I am happy to hear that you are starting to feel like your old self. Recovery can be a long and hard fight but always remember it is worth it all.

Think about going to counseling or family therapy to help with that and to deal with other personal issues. Also, thinking the thought all the way through until the end .

Tips to Help You Stay Sober

This is terrible and probably not much better than no program at all. Many people have indeed managed to defeat an addiction and maintain sobriety on their own for many years. Most people will need help to quit, especially for drugs with severe withdrawal syndromes like the opioids. For sure, stopping even a 30-milligram daily oxycodone habit would produce powerful withdrawal symptoms that most people simply couldn’t endure. Higher addiction levels would be far worse and even more difficult to withstand. I’ve been sober for 2 years now and all I can say is life SUCKS! I’ve been going to therapy and getting various help with medication since my first week sober, but nothing has helped.

To learn more about our approach, schedule an obligation-free call with a member of our team today. Or, if you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, choose from three easy options to get started today. Our mission is to use new technology to make treatment more accessible, and reduce the stigma around problem drinking. We offer both abstinence and moderation as options, and use only evidence-based methods. If a person is ready to quit, but needs support, the process is still long and complicated. Help them familiarize themselves with the resources out there, and figure out how to access the ones that will work best for them.

Can you stay sober without AA?

In treatment, the counselor showed my group a picture of a shot of whiskey and asked the question “Who here thinks they are powerless over this little thing? Today, I know that my problem isn’t due to being a “weak” willed human being.

As it turns out, thinking of alcoholism as a medical condition opens up new solutions for managing it, or solving the problem. These solutions include both medication and counseling.

Not that I don’t think you have the right intentions, typically I agree with you, just not the way you go about it. In this case, though, I think you’re right on the money. For someone who is religious, even a little, AA might work. For others, especially like yourself, it would not. I always thought it was strange that AA seemed very “God” based, but since it did not directly affect me or my family, I didn’t really care. I found this article insightful and fascinating.

can you stay sober without aa and still enjoy life

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